Landscape Management Services

Created specifically for each site, Landscape Management Plans are an important tool in ensuring that the long-term future of sites is secured and optimised as the scheme establishes over time.

Redbay undertake a range of reports covering the management and restoration of existing sites or newly constructed landscapes. Making sure they establish as per design intentions, we also look to protect the social and environmental sustainability of each site, integrating it into the surrounding landscape with minimal impact.

We adapt our processes accordingly to work within urban or rural settings and look at the unique characteristics and potential of sites and landscapes to understand the needs of everyone who uses it, as well as its owners and managers.

Together with our thorough approach, we also work closely with ecologists and other land specialists to prepare management plans and strategies that look to increase each site’s biodiversity value and maintain sustainable practices.

  • Landscape and site assessments
  • Landscape management and maintenance plans (LMP)
  • Landscape Ecological Management Plan (LEMP)
  • Preparing site-specific restoration plans
  • Coordination with stakeholders, managers, and owners
  • Maintenance plans and schedules
  • Project management